Let the Art do the Talking

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This week blog is going to be about African Art! I was blessed to grow up around a lot of artists. Despite having lived the majority of my lifetime in refugee camps, whenever we would settle into a new home aka refugee camp, people would continue living their life as if they were still in their own homes. That meant farmers would find new land to grow crops and artists would find a workshop to develop and bless others with their art. A couple of my friend’s dads were artists that made masks and other items and I had the privilege of working for them to sandpaper some of the artwork and paint them. All the art told its own story. From animal artwork to nativities, they did it all! A friend of mine @Nshimmy Charles (check out his Facebook for more of his art); makes incredible beautiful African artwork in my opinion! I love how his art just shows so much African culture! For instance in picture #12, you can see a woman carrying a baby on her back and carrying a bucket of water on her head at the same time and people milking a cow while sitting outside their homes, which is a very popular common custom in a lot of African culture. I own a couple pieces of art and love seeing them in my own home! Picture #5, I bought this item (not sure if it’s name is English), this item is called “igisabo” in my language, it’s a popular item used to keep milk or alcohol in it, is is also used during dowry celebrations in a lot of African culture like Rwandan culture, where a woman brings something for her in-laws to drink. I bought this item from World Market, I happened to be walking around the store and found it and told my husband I had to buy it because I had not seen one since I left Africa! Check out the art work below and let me know what you think!

  1. Made in Kenya by Rwandan artist

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