Collabo #1

Hi everyone! Am excited for this week blog, as I debut my first collaboration with a clothing store known as “HERitage Apparel! Check out the info below about the shop from the owner and check out the pictures of me wearing this beautiful dress and matching earrings from this shop! Belt is not included!

“HERitage Apparel was launched this summer with the goal of bringing affordable, contemporary African-inspired clothing, jewelry, and decor to a larger audience. The company is owned and run by Dee and E., two life long friends and creatives.

Dee is an educator who lives in Ghana, Africa. She curates the rich and vibrant fabrics which are then made by E., a writer, who lives in Maryland.

The company’s offerings currently include skirts, dresses, tops, statement jewelry, headwraps, clutch purses, and throw pillows covers. A children’s line is expected to debut fall 2018.

What sets HERitage Apparel apart from similar companies is their contemporary fabrics, affordable prices, and the fact that they offer free U.S. shipping on every single purchase. In addition, each item is custom made in the USA for each specific customer…HERitage Apparel does not mass produce items and never makes more than 10 of a particular products to maintain exclusivity.

Most orders are shipped out within 10 business days. To shop HERitage Apparel, visit and follow HERitage Apparel on Instagram at

I love how this shop is owned by two females who dedicate their time and talents to produce beautiful items! When I was checking out their Etsy store, trust me I wanted to buy everything! It’s love promoting small businesses and so glad we worked together! Check out the pictures of me below and let me know what you think!

Till next time,


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