Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week I am excited to share with everyone another collaboration I did with an Etsy shop called DashikiMe. The shop is owned by Ama Asamoah. The shop offered a wide range of clothing for both males and females. They also sell Greek letter scarves for graduation. I first found out about this shop about a year ago, there was this one dress I really wanted and my awesome grandma got it for me for Christmas last year! When the dress arrived it was too small😩. I contacted the shop owner Ama and she had me send her my measurements and she sent me a new fitted dress! She was so professional and love how she didn’t have me go through my grandma who had originally purchased the item to do all the returns. I asked Ama what she would like people to know about her shop and this is what she said “Most of my female assistants have been rescued from early childhood marriages. The money they get from making the clothes is what sustains them from falling into early childhood marriages”. How awesome is that? Most girls in Africa are at risk for getting married way too young but Ama has found a way to give some of these girls a job so they can support themselves and not have to worry about getting married young! I have provided a link below for the Etsy shop and when you click it, it will automatically give you a 10% off coupon, coupon will be applied at checkout! If you have any issues ordering reach out to me and I will reach out to the shop owner! Check out the pics of me with this two piece outfit!

Have a great weekend everyone,


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