African traditional wedding series: Rwanda

Welcome to the African traditional wedding series. This week we are going to learn more about the Rwandan traditional wedding. The traditional wedding is meant to be the time the family of the bride and the groom meet each other as well ask permission to get married and the groom pays dowry to the bride’s family. It’s a very colorful festivity to attend. The future bride dresses up in a very colorful outfit along with a group of friends. The friends carry gifts with them to give to the future groom. The bride also carries milk in a special traditional jar, and gives it to the groom to drink. The groom pays dowry in a form of either money, cow or farming products. The acceptance of the dowry also means the bride’s family is ok with their daughter getting married which happens in a civil/church ceremony just as a typical American wedding. The traditional ceremony also includes eating traditional food as well as well as famous Rwandan tradition dancers! Check out some pictures below

Famous Rwandan dancers aka intore❤️
Famous Rwandan Dance tradition
Bride in middle in all blue and her tribe

The cake though😮 @mungeli
@mungeli and her tribe
The groom and his bride❤️ @mungeli
@mungeli future hubby ready for the day
@mungeli future groom smiling and ready
Groom and his tribe

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