Finding the right life partner

How do you know he or she is the one?

Here are 6 lessons I have learned from my parents/grandparents/in-laws /aunts-uncles about finding the perfect life partner:

1. A life partner is someone who believes in your dreams even if they do not make sense to him or her. They believe in your goals/dreams because all they want to do is support you. So if your partner is the reason why you haven’t worked on your goals or dreams it’s time to have a chat and figure a way to support each other.

2. Don’t be with a person in hopes that he or she is going to change or that you are going to change them. If you are in dating someone that is mean to you or doesn’t treat you right; the reality is that marriage is not going to change that person, he or she is more likely going to treat you the same way, so the best thing you can do for you is leave that person now to avoid future regrets. If your partner is abusing you in any way (physical/sexual/emotional), you need to seek help and leave the toxic relationship. If the partner doesn’t let you leave the house, ask to go to an emergency room and ask to go to the bathroom and let staff know and they can help you get the resources you need. The reality is the abuse will never stop and you might end up losing your life so you need to find ways to get out.

3. Marriage is partnership. I repeat partnership, you both work together as a team, support each other and guide each other, treat each other with love and respect.

4. Marriage isn’t easy, there will be good and bad times. But with good ear and understanding and guidance from people that love you, you can overcome anything and everything. You just have to be willing to put work into it.

5. Treat your partner with respect, be kind to one another, seek guidance from influential people in your lives, if you don’t have any seek guidance from church/ elders/counseling. Support each other, uplift each other. Put your spouse first, not your kids, not your job, or your family.

6. Always say sorry when you are wrong, always tell your spouse you love them every chance you can, dedicate time for them for just the two of you, with love and support for each other, you can conquer anything and everything!

7. There is nothing like a perfect partner, you have to get to know someone first before you figure out if they are perfect for you! So don’t judge a book by its cover, because you never what you might miss on by judging someone from a far.

8. How did you know you found the one? Comment below

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