Happy New Year Everyone,

I wanted to start the new year by posting my first post of 2019. I would like to talk about kindness and how we all need to be more kind if we can. This past year many parents lost a lot of kids, some young as 8yrs old to suicide mainly due to being bullied at school. Therefore, it is my hope and wishes that we work hard on our kindness and hopefully you can save a life or two this year with your kindness. My husband and I were just talking about how we can show kindness to others this year and we decided to do some volunteering. We want our kids to be  apart of this movement but wanted to get ahead start because we want to preach what we do and not what we say. Be kind to people around you, whether it is your family/friends/coworkers, be the person people want to be around because of your kindness not popularity.  You never know if your kindness will make someone who is going through a lot reach out to you and without knowing you might save their lives. Teach your kids to speak up if they see someone being bullied, if they are not comfortable reaching out to the bully, tell them to come to you as a parent. I remember this one time I saw coworker bullying another coworker and every one around just pretended like they did not see it. I was among those people and I was like you know what, I am going to be different today and I talked to my manager about it. The person who was being bullied came and found me and thanked me for standing up for them because this particular person had been harassing them to the point they were considering quitting their job, a job they loved.  I am not trying to show off but I want to point out, that if you want to work in a great environment, sometimes you might be the one to start creating that environment. If you have friends that constantly bring you down, this year is your year to leave them behind. If you are the bully, and trust me you will know if you are one, this year is your year to turn things around. If you want a change, sometime you need to be the change. If you are struggling to fit in as you do not measure yourself to the beauty standards set up by social media, guess what? This is your year to find the beauty inside of you because beauty comes from inside of your heart not from that perfect selfie you saw!  So will you join me on this journey of discovering more kindness?


Eddy Tye

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