From the heart of an Immigrant

I remember running in the forest as a little girl, I remember running over dead bodies , I remember hearing gunshots and seeing people being killed by machetes etc.. Today am thankful for being a genocide survivor, I’m forever thankful and grateful for not being apart of over a million people that lost their lives in just a month in my country. I have an accent because I am not originally from

United States, I have been here for a decade and I don’t think my accent will ever go away and I don’t want it to go away, I want my future kids to be proud of their mom having an accent as much as my American husband does (and no I didn’t become a citizen because I married an American). My accent comes from 5+ languages am proudly fluent in. I am grateful for my the family that decided to open their home to a stranger and now I call them family and wouldn’t imagine my life without them. I have worked hard to be where I am today thanks to my supportive family, I am a proud immigrant, former refuge, wife, daughter, nurse and a friend. So next time you tell someone to go back to their country, take a moment and think of me and why I left my country, think about the holocaust survivors, think of the kids being bombed daily, think of the world at large. Teach your kids about unity, love and prosperity, and maybe one day the world will live as one, as humanity and preach world peace and not separation and hatred. Start at home, show love to your neighbor, stranger. Pass love and leave love whenever and wherever you are. ❤️



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