Be thankful and enjoy life to the fullest today

Life can be hectic, life can throw so many obstacles your way, but one thing I have learned being an emergency nurse and a former refugee is life is too short and the most important reason I have learned about life is that you absolutely have no idea what your future holds. Therefore, one should live everyday to the fullest. Growing up as an African refugee, I absolutely had nothing, I grew up not having a bed to sleep on, no chairs to sit on and not knowing if I was going to have at least one meal a day. I grew up mostly eating once a day and to this day I struggle with eating three meals a day because I got so used to eating once or nothing a day. I was 100% sure I had no future. Back home, one has a guaranteed future if you have a college degree. I was 100% sure I would never make it to college because there is no way I could afford it and there was no scholarships offered due to the fact that I attended a refugee school that was not supported by the government of the state I lived in. When I was approaching high school graduation, I knew I only had one choice, to get married and stay home and raise a family. But I knew and was positive that is not what I wanted, but the reality was that I had no choice. So I continued to pray to God everyday and never lost hope that God works in mysterious ways. After graduating high school, I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity out of the blue by a refugee resettlement agency by the name Refugepoint. I was told there is a chance I can be resettled to the United States, but I was running out of time because I was almost 18, and it is so hard to be resettled once you are an adult. The odds of me being resettled was so against me because I only had a few months before turning 18, and resettlement cases take at least five years or more. Fast forward a few weeks before my 18th Birthday, a family in Michigan gets a call about this refugee girl who desperately needs a home asap. My now parents prayed about it and they said yes, and they agreed to take me in. When I was told I was coming to the United States, at first I though it was a joke, I couldn’t believe the news I was hearing. I remember someone from Refugepoint office showing me a map of the world and pointing to Michigan and saying “this is where you are going to go”, I remember being like “oh I remember learning in USA geography about Lake Michigan, I wonder if I will live near that big lake”. Three days before I turned 18, I stepped my feet on United State soil and settled in my new home in Grand Haven, Michigan! And guess what’s so popular about Grand Haven? The beach right on Lake Michigan! Fast forward talmost 10 years since I arrived in the United States, I am now hold two college degrees, happily married to my wonderful husband Adam and have a privilege of working at one of the busiest level one trauma emergency rooms in the country as a registered nurse. After 22 years of being a refugee, I finally became a citizen of United States. I finally belonged to a country😊. So what’s the point of me sharing this with you? It doesn’t matter what you are going through right now, don’t ever give up on your dreams even if they don’t make sense, as a kid I dreamed of working in the hospital but knew there was no way I would ever afford to go to college. But fast forward to 20 years later, that dream became a reality. For refugees all over the world, keep praying, keep hanging on, God works in mysterious ways and you have no idea what the future holds for you! As a nurse I see people coming into the ER and getting the worst news of their lives, a lot of them do not even make it, so live your daily life to the fullest. Learn how to be thankful, be thankful that you woke up this morning, be thankful that you are not sick today, be thankful that you have food on your table, be thankful that you have a roof over your head, be thankful and you will realize that you are blessed beyond words. And if you are blessed,then look for ways to bless others. Are you the answer for someone’s prayers? My foster parents were the answer for my prayers. Are you a perfect match for someone who desperately needs an organ/bone marrow? Are you the role model one child desperately needs to turn their life around and have hope for a better future?You never know what you can be unless you try. My parents did not know they would change my life forever until they said yes! And never ever lose hope, because you have no idea what tomorrow holds for you and I am a prime example that you definitely do not know what the future holds. Hang in there❤️


Edith aka Eddy



Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week I am excited to share with everyone another collaboration I did with an Etsy shop called DashikiMe. The shop is owned by Ama Asamoah. The shop offered a wide range of clothing for both males and females. They also sell Greek letter scarves for graduation. I first found out about this shop about a year ago, there was this one dress I really wanted and my awesome grandma got it for me for Christmas last year! When the dress arrived it was too small😩. I contacted the shop owner Ama and she had me send her my measurements and she sent me a new fitted dress! She was so professional and love how she didn’t have me go through my grandma who had originally purchased the item to do all the returns. I asked Ama what she would like people to know about her shop and this is what she said “Most of my female assistants have been rescued from early childhood marriages. The money they get from making the clothes is what sustains them from falling into early childhood marriages”. How awesome is that? Most girls in Africa are at risk for getting married way too young but Ama has found a way to give some of these girls a job so they can support themselves and not have to worry about getting married young! I have provided a link below for the Etsy shop and when you click it, it will automatically give you a 10% off coupon, coupon will be applied at checkout! If you have any issues ordering reach out to me and I will reach out to the shop owner! Check out the pics of me with this two piece outfit!

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Collabo #1

Hi everyone! Am excited for this week blog, as I debut my first collaboration with a clothing store known as “HERitage Apparel! Check out the info below about the shop from the owner and check out the pictures of me wearing this beautiful dress and matching earrings from this shop! Belt is not included!

“HERitage Apparel was launched this summer with the goal of bringing affordable, contemporary African-inspired clothing, jewelry, and decor to a larger audience. The company is owned and run by Dee and E., two life long friends and creatives.

Dee is an educator who lives in Ghana, Africa. She curates the rich and vibrant fabrics which are then made by E., a writer, who lives in Maryland.

The company’s offerings currently include skirts, dresses, tops, statement jewelry, headwraps, clutch purses, and throw pillows covers. A children’s line is expected to debut fall 2018.

What sets HERitage Apparel apart from similar companies is their contemporary fabrics, affordable prices, and the fact that they offer free U.S. shipping on every single purchase. In addition, each item is custom made in the USA for each specific customer…HERitage Apparel does not mass produce items and never makes more than 10 of a particular products to maintain exclusivity.

Most orders are shipped out within 10 business days. To shop HERitage Apparel, visit and follow HERitage Apparel on Instagram at

I love how this shop is owned by two females who dedicate their time and talents to produce beautiful items! When I was checking out their Etsy store, trust me I wanted to buy everything! It’s love promoting small businesses and so glad we worked together! Check out the pictures of me below and let me know what you think!

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Let the Art do the Talking

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This week blog is going to be about African Art! I was blessed to grow up around a lot of artists. Despite having lived the majority of my lifetime in refugee camps, whenever we would settle into a new home aka refugee camp, people would continue living their life as if they were still in their own homes. That meant farmers would find new land to grow crops and artists would find a workshop to develop and bless others with their art. A couple of my friend’s dads were artists that made masks and other items and I had the privilege of working for them to sandpaper some of the artwork and paint them. All the art told its own story. From animal artwork to nativities, they did it all! A friend of mine @Nshimmy Charles (check out his Facebook for more of his art); makes incredible beautiful African artwork in my opinion! I love how his art just shows so much African culture! For instance in picture #12, you can see a woman carrying a baby on her back and carrying a bucket of water on her head at the same time and people milking a cow while sitting outside their homes, which is a very popular common custom in a lot of African culture. I own a couple pieces of art and love seeing them in my own home! Picture #5, I bought this item (not sure if it’s name is English), this item is called “igisabo” in my language, it’s a popular item used to keep milk or alcohol in it, is is also used during dowry celebrations in a lot of African culture like Rwandan culture, where a woman brings something for her in-laws to drink. I bought this item from World Market, I happened to be walking around the store and found it and told my husband I had to buy it because I had not seen one since I left Africa! Check out the art work below and let me know what you think!

  1. Made in Kenya by Rwandan artist

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African print part 2

Let’s talk about the color yellow! Most people are afraid to wear yellow because of how bright the color is and how stand out one can be wearing it! I used to be one of those people until I saw this dress and it was on sale on one the most popular African clothing store @Grass_fields . I had to have it and let me tell you am so glad I did. And check out these earrings from @bearosetoday (Be A Rose on Facebook)

Dress from @grass_fields

, a nonprofit organization based in Grand Rapids, Mi, whose mission is to help provide menstrual sanitary pads to women in need, so if you have some products you are not using and want to donate them, let me know! Christine, who started the nonprofit sells jewelries and used the funds for the nonprofit, how cool is that? The bracelets are from Etsy store called @BijouxMinuit, they are made out of beads that popular from tribe in Kenya and Tanzania known as Masai, I will do more post about this particular tribe and their jewelries later!!Check out the outfit below and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to click follow on my blog!